Beaver in TrapAttempting DIY wildlife control situations on your own can lead to more than you bargained for. DIY wildlife removal can definitely seem appealing, both to your sense of accomplishment and your wallet. Learning how to get rid of bats, remove birds from your property, and remove raccoons from your garage can be dangerous. Trust our trained professionals to safely and quickly get rid of wildlife from your Kaw Valley property—call Critter Control of Kaw Valley today for professional and fast wildlife removal! Fill out our contact form if you are not experiencing an emergency and a member of our team will return your inquiry.

Dangers of Attempting DIY Wildlife Control

Getting rid of wildlife without the help of a professional can be boiled down to one main issue: safety. Attempting to handle wildlife is inherently dangerous, even if you do have the proper equipment (which many Kaw Valley/Lawrence residents do not). Most homeowners are also not trained in safe wildlife removal. That's where we come in! Our trained team has a combined background in wildlife biology, wildlife removal, and customer service, which equals an excellent experience from start to finish for you—the customer. Our value surpasses simply getting rid of the animal quickly; we also offer follow-up services to make sure your pest animal hasn't come back.

  • Performing wildlife removal on the ground is a separate issue from working on roofs, using ladders, and removing animals in cramped spaces like basements or attics—it may seem easier than calling a trained professional, but it can lead to injury and you can even unwittingly break laws.
  • If there are wildlife young animals involved, removal may be illegal.
  • If wildlife feels threatened, the animals can scratch and bite, and although they may not be physically large enough to rival you, they can still cause injury.
  • Trapping of wildlife and animal-proofing your home and outbuildings can also involve exposure to wildlife-related diseases or animal bites, and many wild animals leave infected feces behind. From roundworms to Hantavirus, animal droppings and cleanups can be hazardous as airborne spores can cause respiratory issues.

...So Is Professional Wildlife Removal Really Necessary?

Yes! If you're still not convinced, take a look at our customer reviews. We have a proven track record of successful animal removal and prevention in the Kaw Valley/Lawrence area. Wild animal removal in the Lawrence/Kaw Valley area is a dangerous undertaking best left to professionals like the team at Critter Control of Kaw Valley. Contact our office today for assistance in solving all of your wildlife control needs.