Kaw Valley Wildlife Management Residential wildlife management is not just an afterthought or side project to our team at Critter Control of Kaw Valley/Lawrence—it's our primary business. Nature laws and regulations vary across the United States on the local, state, and national levels, so it's vital to act within the law to protect the safety of animals and yourself. Many animal management situations will require licensing and permits; we can help. Call Critter Control of Kaw Valley/Lawrence today or contact us online

Full-Service Wildlife Management Programs

When it comes to wildlife management, many different techniques may be necessary. Our technicians will analyze your particular situation and develop a string of plans to reach your desired goal. 

These techniques put in place together will remove, deter, and prevent your problem species from being a problem.

Wildlife Management Specialists

As you can see, our full-service operation differentiates us from the rest. Our experience with removing wildlife, preventing them, and repairing wildlife damage can help you solve any issue you may have run into. We will help you protect your home. Call our office today or visit our contact form and begin your journey to a critter-free home! Our service area includes the following areas: Lawrence, Geary, Douglas, Riley, Shawnee, & Sedgwick Counties.