Spring Seasonality

As the snow starts to melt and the days get longer, many animals start to make their presence known. This spring thaw can also reveal animal damage previously covered by the snow. Many animals give birth during spring, so as their populations grow, so can the problems they cause. 

What to watch out for: 


Bats are one of the most-reported rabid animals year after year. They are also the hosts of many other diseases. Besides being a major health risk, bats can cause major structural damage if they decided to make your attic or crawlspace their home.  


Seeing all the songbirds at your feeder in the spring is a lovely sight! But when those pesky squirrels climb up the feeder and steal the seeds, it becomes a major problem. With ample access to food in your yard, these critters have no reason to leave. In fact, they might even try to make your home theirs by taking up shelter in your attic or crawlspaces. 


These critters are notorious for nesting in homes. They can cause significant to the structure of your property by gnawing through insulation and wood. Mice may also contaminate any food they come into contact with in your kitchen. Mice can carry disease, meaning they do pose a health risk. 

Norway Rats:

By burrowing and gnawing through various materials, Norway rats, or the brown rat, can cause major structural damage to your home or property. Leaving urine, feces, and contaminated food, these rats pose a health risk. They are a host of many diseases, so attempting to eliminate the issue on your own could become a health and safety concern.


Raccoons love your scraps! Anything in your trash bins may look delicious. However, besides just looking for food, raccoons may try to take up residence in your home or property. They can scavenge their way through insulation and even siding. They may also leave droppings and bring disease into your space. Outside, raccoons tend to destroy plants. 


Contact the Professionals 

Attempting to clear an infestation from any of these animals is a risky idea since all can carry disease and may become aggressive if cornered, especially if they are protecting new babies. If you see signs of infestation, Critter Control of Kaw Valley can help!