Ground Squirrel Removal Services

Ground squirrels are small burrowers found across the United States. While there are different species throughout the country, all ground squirrels share similar features and habits. They are mostly found in grassy areas such as prairies and meadows. Ground squirrels also live near riverbanks, lakeshores and ponds where the soil is favorable for digging.Ground Squirrel control in Kaw Valley

Common Ground Squirrel Problems

  • Ground squirrels eat a variety of cash crops and plants found in gardens.
  • Their burrowing leaves holes in the ground and can weaken the structure of trees.
  • Ground squirrels host a variety of parasites, including ticks, fleas and lice.

Trapping and Removal

The best way to control and manage ground squirrels is contacting licensed pest professionals. Specialists eradicate populations both humanely and effectively, as well as find ways to keep the rodents from returning. Critter Control technicians have the tools, knowledge and experience to trap and remove ground squirrels in a way that is safe for both the animal and any people involved.

We can help you get rid of ground squirrel problems. 

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Ground Squirrels
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