Often confused with mice, shrews, moles and similar mammals, voles share some similarities but are distinctly different from these fellow pest critters. Voles are found above ground more often than moles, but they share the same tunneling habits, making them a worthy wildlife foe. Vole traps can be an effective vole control method, but we don't recommend you perform DIY vole removal; instead, call the professionals at Critter Control of Kaw Valley or contact us here! We are prepared to get rid of voles in your yard.

Vole Removal Services

Vole control in Kaw ValleyKaw Valley residents facing the need for vole removal are often overwhelmed by the damage caused by these small creatures.

  • Like mice, voles have a very fast breeding rate and their population can get out of hand quickly.
  • They eat large amounts of plant matter and foliage each day, which can be destructive if in your garden or expensive landscaping.
  • Voles are often found in environments that include exceptional plant cover to protect them from dangerous enemies like birds of prey, coyotes, and cats.

Vole Trapping & Removal

For the most part, voles are classified as protected non-game animals that may only be trapped, removed, or destroyed if they pose an immediate threat to health or property. Since the effective removal of voles can be difficult, wildlife control experts should be called to handle the problematic rodents.

Critter Control of Kaw Valley's vole removal professionals have the training and experience to successfully rid residential and commercial properties of vole infestations. We can help you get rid of vole problems. Call today!

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Tunnels in the grass? Mouse like rodents in your shrubs and landscaping? Those scurrying little critters may well be voles. Call Critter Control today for effective vole removal and exclusion services.
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