ground squirrel in Junction City, KSAbout Junction City, Kansas

Located in Geary County, Junction City has a population of nearly 24,000. It is named Junction City because of its location between the Republic and Smoky Hill rivers, which form the Kansas River. Junction City is known for marking the beginning of the Kaw. Junction City is one of the oldest communities in the state. It has a charming small-town feel with the culture of a larger city. The military base Fort Riley is located partway between Junction City and Manhattan.

Junction City offers a number of parks—take a leisurely stroll through Heritage Park to see the Civil War Arch, several memorials, and a water fountain. The Junction City Wetlands and Riverwalk Landing is less than a mile long, but not short on wildlife and nature viewing areas.

Common Wildlife in Junction City

An afternoon at Riverwalk Landing is a great way to see wildlife, but seeing them in your attic isn't!  Wildlife in Junction City is quite diverse, as are the environments in the state. Kansas is home to nearly 700 types of animals and 25,000 types of insects. Rodents are among the most common visitor we receive calls regarding, in addition to these other critters:

Common Wildlife Problems in Junction City

There are a few wildlife damage problems that Junction City residents face consistently. Those include attic damage, vent screen damage, and chimney damage. Wild animals—like rodents or birds, for example—that aren't addressed promptly can cause serious damage to your home and property. If you find yourself struggling with any of these problems, you're not alone! To get help securing your home from wildlife, contact Critter Control of Kaw Valley today. Our professional technicians will take care of your wildlife control issue so you can return to the things that matter.

Critter Management Programs we Offer in Junction City

No matter what wildlife problem you're facing in your Junction City home, we can probably fix it! We offer a variety of services for whatever wildlife problem you're struggling with. Some of the services we offer include: 

If you find yourself trying to prevent or repair wildlife damage in your Junction City home, give Critter Control of Kaw Valley a call! We offer fast and free phone estimates! 785.268.6623