We know how important all aspects of wildlife control are to long-term pest-free status, including wildlife damage control. Trust Critter Control of Kaw Valley's wildlife technicians to keep you informed every step of the way on why certain steps may be necessary. We understand how serious a wildlife control situation is to a Kaw Valley homeowner or business owner, and we are here to help you get your home back to its pre-critter state. Call us today to schedule your appointment or visit our contact form.

Animal Damage Control

Damage Repair Kaw ValleyAll wildlife creatures have the potential to cause serious destruction to your home. Your Critter Control technician will use all necessary repair methods for the specific damages that your wildlife animal is responsible for. We are animal damage control experts! Our job is to resolve and prevent any headaches that woodpeckers outside your house, moles and geese in the yard, and carpenter bee nests can cause.

Home Repair Techniques: Clean Up Wildlife Damage

Critter Control of Kaw Valley offers a wide range of damage repair techniques. The majority of our repairs will also double as prevention techniques! Our repair methods may include:

  • Attic restoration
  • Wall insulation replacement
  • Screening vents
  • Chimney caps
  • Sealing off entry points

Critter Control of Kaw Valley serves residents and homeowners in the following areas: Geary, Douglas, Riley, Shawnee, and Sedgwick.