We know how important all aspects of wildlife control are to long-term pest-free status, including wildlife damage control. Trust Critter Control of Kaw Valley's wildlife technicians to keep you informed every step of the way on why certain steps may be necessary. We understand how serious a wildlife control situation is to a Kaw Valley/Lawrence homeowner or business owner, and we are here to help you get your home back to its pre-critter state. Call us today to schedule your appointment or visit our contact form to inquire about wildlife damage control today. 

Animal Damage Control

Damage Repair Kaw ValleyAll wildlife creatures have the potential to cause serious destruction to your home. Your Critter Control technician will use all necessary repair methods for the specific damages that your wildlife animal is responsible for. We are animal damage control experts! Our job is to prevent and implement any animal damage repair methods that woodpeckers outside your house, moles and geese in the yard, and carpenter bee nests cause you to need. 

Home Repair Techniques: Clean Up Wildlife Damage

Critter Control of Kaw Valley offers a wide range of damage repair techniques to protect your Lawrence area home. The majority of our repairs will also double as prevention techniques! Our animal damage repair techniques are designed to get your home back to top shape are quickly as possible. Our repair methods may include:

Pest and Wildlife Damaged Insulation

If critters make their way into your attic, you may attic restoration. Many animals like mice, bats, and raccoons will happily make their home up there, leaving quite a mess. Mice will leave droppings inside of your insulation as they crawl through it. Bats and raccoons will make large piles of waste that need to be cleaned before the insulation in that area is removed and replaced. Attic restoration is essential to keeping your family healthy and your home energy efficient. Many times, your home insurance will cover attic restoration. If this is a service you may need, contact us today for a consultation. 

Wall Insulation Replacement

Similar to your attic, critters can make their way into your walls and damage your insulation there as well. If you have mice or other animals in your walls, you may need wall insulation replacement. The experts at Critter Control of Kaw Valley know how to safely remove the soiled insulation from your walls while keeping your Lawrence home clean. 

Screening Vents

The vents around your home provide an easy way for critters to enter your home. From exhaust vents to crawl space vents, there are plenty of entry points for wildlife. Critter Control of Kaw Valley & Lawrence is skilled in finding the vents that need to be sealed or repaired and using the correct materials to keep critters out. We know how to strike the balance between allowing the air to flow as it needs to, and installing a dense enough screen to keep even the tiniest animals outside. 

Chimney Caps

Animals such as raccoons and birds love to use your chimney as an entry point to your home. Raccoons like to have their babies in your chimney, which can be dangerous to their lives. If you suspect you have animals in your Lawrence area chimney, Critter Control of Kaw Valley can help. We will install a chimney cap that not only keeps excess moisture out of your home, but it will keep animals from crawling in through your chimney as well. 

Sealing Off Entry Points

Critter Control of Kaw Valley will do a full evaluation of any entry points that critters may be using to access your home and seal them up. We use many different methods, from screening to caulking to capping to ensure that wildlife stays outside where it belongs. 

Critter Control of Kaw Valley offers animal damage control and animal damage repair to residents and homeowners in the following areas: Lawrence, Geary, Douglas, Riley, Shawnee, and Sedgwick.