Raccoon removal is an important step in effective raccoon control for homeowners in the Kaw Valley area. Thumping and scratching noises in the home can indicate raccoon presence and often these nocturnal creatures are protecting their babies, so please do not attempt removal on your own if you cannot assure their safety. If you are hearing raccoons in the attic, raccoons in the chimney, or other areas of the home, please call our office today or contact us here! We can help keep raccoons out for good and repair raccoon damage.

Raccoon Removal Near You

Raccoon problems in Kaw ValleyThe technicians at Critter Control of Kaw Valley are knowledgeable in raccoon behavior and diets and will know the most effective types of raccoon trapping methods. In order to get raccoons out of your house, your wildlife technician will likely implement several of these raccoon control methods:

Common Raccoon Problems in Kaw Valley

Watch the video below to learn why you shouldn't encourage raccoon presence on your Kaw Valley property.

  • Their human-like hands make opening doors and other things easy, which can spell trouble for homeowners.
  • Raccoons may make their way into attics and chimneys (often with babies), which can be difficult places to reach.
  • Raccoons cause a lot of destruction to farmland by eating foliage and digging holes in fields.
  • Raccoons are known to carry several deadly diseases, including raccoon roundworm and rabies.
  • Not all rabid raccoons show symptoms, so we do NOT recommend you attempt to handle them.

Learn more about raccoons' behaviors, habits, diet, and more here. 

Full-Service Raccoon Control

The Critter Control of Kaw Valley's specialists are raccoon removal experts. Using the most advanced technologies and tools, our teams will get rid of raccoons and keep them out! Utilize our extensive knowledge and expertise to fix your raccoon problems by calling us today.


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Raccoons in the attic, garage, or strange noises in your chimney? Raccoons living under your home? Those scurrying sounds in the attic, crawlspace and noises in a chimney may well be a raccoon. Call your local Critter Control office today for effective raccoon removal and exclusion services.
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