What Do Raccoon Tracks Look Like?

Raccoon tracksSince raccoons are active primarily during the night, damaged property may be the first noticeable sign of their presence. One of the best ways to identify raccoons as the culprit is to look for the tracks they leave behind. Raccoons have nimble hands and feet that each contain five fingers and toes, and they can be often mistaken for the handprints of humans at first glance.

Raccoons often travel through wet and muddy areas like streams or marshes. It is not uncommon to find muddy raccoon footprints on household surfaces like tabletops or cars. Forepaw tracks most resemble tiny human handprints, with five fingers splayed out from the palm. Hind paw tracks are similar but have elongated heels that sink deep into the ground because raccoons carry most of their weight on their back ends. Raccoons have an unusual stride that places the fore and hind paw tracks side-by-side or slightly offset from each other.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Once evidence of raccoons has been identified, the best plan is to contact an expert to remove them. Dealing with raccoons is dangerous and tricky since they can carry rabies and other diseases and will bite and scratch when cornered. The trained professionals at Critter Control can handle the situation effectively and humanely by ensuring complete removal of pest animals. Critter Control of Kaw Valley will also make certain the household is clean of infestation evidence and safe for inhabitance. Contact Us for expert pest remediation!

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