About Manhattan, Kansas

Located in Riley County, with a portion in Pottawatomie County, Manhattan is home to a vibrant population of over 50,000 residents. Known as "The Little Apple," Manhattan is celebrated for its scenic beauty and dynamic cultural scene, and as the host city for Kansas State University. The city's unique position in the Flint Hills region adds to its picturesque charm and outdoor recreational opportunities. With a rich history and a strong community spirit, Manhattan serves as a central hub for education, culture, and commerce in the region.

Manhattan boasts an array of parks and green spaces—among them, the Manhattan City Park offers a blend of recreational facilities, historic landmarks, and picturesque landscapes. The Konza Prairie, a vast area of native tallgrass prairie just south of the city, provides exceptional hiking opportunities and a window into the region's ecological heritage.

Common Wildlife in Manhattan

The diverse ecosystems surrounding Manhattan, from the rolling Flint Hills to the riparian zones along the Kansas River, support a wide array of wildlife. The area is home to hundreds of animal species and numerous insects, contributing to a rich biodiversity. Residents and visitors might encounter:

Common Wildlife Problems in Manhattan, Kansas

As in many areas where urban and natural environments meet, Manhattan residents may face wildlife-related challenges. Issues can arise when wildlife ventures into residential areas, leading to potential conflicts. Common problems include garden and landscape damage, entry into homes through attics or basements, and the risk of disease transmission. Wildlife such as deer, raccoons, and squirrels, in particular, can become unwelcome guests in search of food or shelter.

Critter Management Programs We Offer in Manhattan

To address and mitigate wildlife issues in Manhattan, a range of services is available to homeowners and property managers. These services are designed to manage wildlife interactions humanely and effectively, ensuring the safety and integrity of homes and natural habitats alike. Our offerings include:

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