Bats in your Lawrence home can be an intimidating problem to have. Are you wondering how big of an infestation you are dealing with, what damages have occurred, and how the problem will affect your family’s health? We will get rid of your bat problem using professional, effective, and humane solutions. Call Critter Control of Kaw Valley today! 

Keeping Bats Out

Kansas City bat controlOur technicians will use one-way doors and similar safe methods to remove all bats from your home. This allows us to remove the bats without handling them directly, as it can be dangerous to handle bats. Bat infestations increase quickly.

Our technicians have the tools and experience to be sure all bats get out of your attic, chimney, or another area of the home, and be sure that they stay out permanently.

Bat Damage Repair

Bat damage may lead to serious health problems and a smelly home. The amount of guano (bat poop) that a bat colony can accumulate can lead to histoplasmosis, ruined insulation, and terrible odors. Our trained specialists can get rid of damages and messes (including odors) created by bats. If the odors are not removed, it could potentially attract even more animals. We can get rid of bat droppings, replace soiled insulation, and much more. Trust Critter Control to repair bat damage in your Lawrence area home and restore your home to a pre-bat state!

Bat Prevention

Our motto is "Get Them Out. Keep Them Out.” We do not consider a job completed until our prevention work has been done. We will seal points of entry to keep bats out for seasons to come. Bats are able to enter homes through openings as small as 1/4 inch, but our professional bat removal team has experience in finding all of these tricky-to-find areas and sealing them.

Get rid of bats in your home, and keep them out for good. Contact Critter Control of Kaw Valley today for long-term and effective bat control solutions!