Skunk in Live Trap on Kaw Valley PropertyIdentifying Animals Based on their Noises

Hearing an unidentifiable noise in your Kaw Valley/Lawrence area home is unsettling, to say the least. Animals like bats, mice, raccoons, and squirrels may already be comfortable in your home and their noises might be the only indication you ever know they're there. Take a listen to our audio clips of common wildlife in the Kaw Valley area to learn more about how you can identify the creatures by the noises they produce.

  • Bat noises
    • Bats make a vocal squeaking noise and a slight scratching noise when they are in attics.
  • Mouse and rat noises
    • Rodents also squeak vocally and will scratch and create a quiet thumping noise as they move throughout the walls.
  • Raccoon noises
    • Raccoons make a chittering noise, almost like a monkey call. They create a louder thumping noise in attics due to their larger size.
  • Squirrel noises
    • Squirrels emit a chirping noise that sounds similar to a bird. They also can be heard scratching, scraping, and thumping, like other wildlife.
  • Skunk Noises
    • Skunks usually click their teeth, squeal, or hiss, in a high-pitched manner. Skunks in your home also make tapping and scratching noises with their long claws.
  • Bird noises
    • Birds have a variety of calls, from raucous like seagulls to pleasant like a songbird. Contact us for more information on bird identification!
  • Opossum noises
    • Similar to rodents, opossums cause a loud scratching noise when they are nesting. Vocally, opossums produce a hiss/growl.