Pocket gophers, also known as simply gophers, are burrowing rodents who are responsible for a number of property issues. They are a close relative of, and often mistaken for, moles. Moles and gophers differ facially, with moles' eyes barely visible while gophers have easily visible eyes. Mole teeth are quite small, whereas gophers' are not, and pocket gophers are most known for their large cheek pouches. Like moles, gopher damage is often subterranean, but that doesn't mean you can't see it. If you are facing gopher damage issues on your Kaw Valley property and require gopher control services, call our office today or leave us more information on our contact form here!

Gopher Removal Services in Kaw Valley

Gopher problems in Kaw ValleyGophers' burrowing habits are quite disruptive to your Kaw Valley landscape, as they dig their main tunnel and then several tunnels branching off from the main tunnel, allowing for extra protection of food storage and young.
  • Pocket gophers are not known to enter homes, but their tunneling activity frequently leads the pest to invade agricultural fields, gardens and residential lawns.
  • The pocket gophers' favored diet includes plants, roots, shrubs and trees.
  • Damage to trees can compromise the root system, causing decay of trees and eventual death.
  • Although they spend most of their time underground, the damages they create are highly visible and unsightly.
  • Their diet results in the destruction of gardens and flowerbeds, causing aesthetically displeasing gopher holes. Pocket gophers can damage water lines and sprinkler systems with their digging and gnawing and disrupt the flow of water.

Gopher Trapping & Removal Services

Critter Control of Kaw Valley's gopher removal technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable on pocket gopher removal and prevention. We will ensure safe and effective methods of removal for pocket gophers.

  • Effective and efficient pocket gopher control will include underground barriers that will keep the wildlife away from gardens and other food sources.
  • This prevention technique can be expensive and safety precautions should be taken into account, as gophers may bite if threatened or handled.
  • Critter Control can handle control and gopher abatement safely and effectively, keeping gophers out of the garden and off your lawn.

Dealing with gophers in the Shawnee County, Douglas County, Lyon County or Jefferson County areas? We will catch your problem gopher and get gophers out for good! Call the gopher experts today.

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Pocket Gopher
Pocket gophers, known also as simply gophers, are burrowing rodents who are responsible for a number of property issues.
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