Did you know bats are the #1 carrier of rabies? These tiny flying mammals are nocturnal, so if you are hearing scratching in your attic at night, it could be a bat. Bats also get into Kaw Valley chimneys and basements, posing a serious health risk and potential structural damage. If you live in the Kaw Valley area, give Critter Control of Kaw Valley a call for help with full-service bat removal! We can also help with bat exclusion by bat-proofing your home.

Bat Removal Near You

Big Brown Bat in Kaw ValleyThe biggest issue posed by bats, aside from their tendency to carry rabies, is the volume of droppings and the diseases associated with bat guano. Bat guano is one of the more dangerous wildlife droppings, as it can grow a mold that breeds histoplasmosis spores. As bat poop gathers, pets and humans alike are at risk of this disease and more. Some common Kaw Valley bat problems include:

  • Bat feces (odors, stains, and illnesses like histoplasmosis)
  • Bat waste stains on the wall or ground
  • Home insulation contamination 
  • Harmful diseases and bacteria stemming from bat guano

Common Bat Damage

Bats in Kansas take advantage of the state's mild springs, limestone grounds & cave patterns— these are all perfect environments for big brown bats and some of their relatives. Here in the Kaw Valley region, our river convergence also provides a huge food source of mosquitoes, moths, and other bugs on which big brown bats thrive. Learn more about why bats in the house are a health risk and a big problem in the video below:

How to Get Rid of Bats

Bats should never be picked up or otherwise handled unless you are a professional (if not, give us a call!). In order to keep bats from roosting in attics, proper precautions should be taken to cover or seal all vents, holes, chimneys, windows, and gaps leading indoors. 

Once bats do get inside your home, they can cause big problems, as these winged critters can repopulate pretty quickly. Our professional bat removal technicians have the knowledge and experience in bat behavior and effective bat exclusion. At Critter Control of Kaw Valley, our bat control services include: 

  • One-way vents, a common way to get bats out and keep them from coming back in
  • Live humane bat traps
  • Bat entry point repair
  • Bat prevention & management

Full-Service Bat Control Professionals

The team at Critter Control of Kaw Valley is trained to humanely remove any bat problems residential and commercial properties are facing in Kaw Valley. Our goal is to address your current bat problem and bat-proof your home for effective bat exclusion. We can help you get rid of bat problems and install proper bat exclusion—call Critter Control of Kaw Valley today or request an estimate below!

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These tiny flying creatures are nocturnal, so there's a good chance if you are hearing scratching in your attic at night, it could be a bat. Bats also get into Kaw Valley chimneys and basements. Call Critter Control of Kaw Valley today for quick, effective bat removal!
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