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Crow control in Kaw Valley

Crows are very intelligent birds. Crows have been observed making and using tools to catch food, storing food for future use and working together in teams. Crows travel and live in flocks. The birds are large and are entirely black, including their bills and feet.

Common Crow Problems

  • Crows damage crops and gardens.
  • Since they travel in large flocks, trees may be damaged where they are roosting.
  • Their loud cawing is irritating.
  • Droppings produce strong odors and facilitate the spread of diseases. 

How Get Rid of Crows—And Why

Because crows congregate in such big populations like many other birds, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Once they've established an area they like for food and roosting, all birds are notoriously hard to keep out.

In fact, if you attempt DIY crow removal, you can actually create more trouble for yourself because the crows might move to a new and potentially worse area. For effective crow removal service in Kaw Valley, contact the crow removal team at Critter Control of Kaw Valley.

Our professional wildlife removal technicians can handle crow infestations in a safe and effective manner. We can help you remove crows and keep crows away for good!

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The true crows are in the genus Corvus; they are large Passerine birds. As a group they show remarkable examples of intelligence; it would not be at all an exaggeration to characterize crows as being to birds what higher primates (including humans) are to mammals.
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