Pigeon Removal in Kaw Valley

Pigeons are some of the most common avian pests, and Kaw Valley is no exception, though pigeons aren't actually native to the United States. Like other pest birds like starlings or sparrows, pigeons are widely considered a nuisance and we receive many calls asking us to how to remove the pigeons or keep the pigeons off their roof. Learn more about what problems pigeons are responsible for below and give us a call today to get started with your pigeon removal!

Common Pigeon Problems

Pigeon Trapping and Removal

Pigeons on Business Roof

As pigeons spread a number of diseases, individuals are safer not approaching them. Pest control professionals should be called in to handle the problem. The trained technicians at Critter Control of Kaw Valley have the tools and knowledge of pigeon behavior to effectively and safely remove the birds.

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Pigeons are notorious for causing significant damage to buildings, vehicles, property, and machinery with their excessive droppings. Not only do pigeon droppings cause odors and aesthetic problems in public places, but droppings can also increase the rate of building destruction.
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