A visit from a groundhog can cause extensive damage to you Kaw Valley home, yard, or garden. These pesky animals can dig extensive burrows underground that left to grow long enough, can severely damage homes and properties. Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, surface every spring like they never left. The best solution to protect your home, lawn, and garden is to call the professionals at Critter Control of Kaw Valley. 

What problems can groundhogs cause? 

These troublesome rodents can cause a number of problems including damage to 

  • Foundations 
  • Roads 
  • Driveways 
  • Lawns 
  • Embankments 
  • Gardens 
  • Decks
  • Sheds
  • Electrical Wires
  • & More 

Groundhogs are known to cause the most damage to crops. They love to snack on all plant materials, but they especially love tomatoes. Groundhogs may create their burrows close to your garden and use it as their own personal salad bar. They can destroy an entire garden by taking a single bite out of dozens of different vegetables. It can be devastating to farmers to have to throw out all their pumpkins, zucchinis, and other vegetables because of the single bite a groundhog took out of them. Groundhogs can also ruin crops by digging their burrows and tunnels right under crops, uprooting the plants. 

Removing Groundhogs 

When it comes to removing groundhogs, it is not a simple procedure. The burrows that groundhogs make have multiple entrances and exits so traps should only be set by trained professionals. Groundhogs can also be harmful towards humans. Although groundhog attacks are not common, groundhogs may scratch or bite humans or pets when cornered or threatened. Groundhogs can also spread dangerous diseases like rabies through their droppings or bites. Kaw Valley residents should never attempt to handle groundhogs. 

The best way to remove groundhogs from your yard, home, or garden is by calling the professionals of Critter Control of Kaw Valley. Our technicians have years of experience safely and humanely removing groundhogs from Kaw Valley homes. 

Our technicians will: 

  • Remove Groundhogs: Groundhogs dens are usually very well hidden and cover a large area. Our experts will strategically place traps along a groundhog’s burrow or den, so that they can quickly catch these pesky animals. You don’t even have to worry about checking the traps, our technicians come daily to check the traps and will safely release the critters far from your Kaw Valley home. 
  • Keep Groundhogs Out: Once all groundhogs have been safely removed from your property, our technicians will make sure they don’t return. Groundhog dens don’t always disappear on their own, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your property and remove any dens, burrows, or possible groundhog entry points. We can also inspect your home as means of prevention if you don’t currently have a wildlife problem but want to avoid one. Click here to learn more about our animal prevention services! 
  • Clean up and repair damage: Common groundhog problems involve plant or landscape damage. We will clean up and repair any damage caused by groundhogs. Groundhogs also are notorious for leaving waste or debris. Our technicians will clean and disinfect the problem area, ensuring that your Kaw Valley property is safe and sanitized. Click here to learn more about our animal damage control service! 


Leave the headache of groundhogs to us. Call 785.268.6623 and schedule your inspection today!