Though groundhogs prefer to live apart from humans, sometimes the boundaries between man and nature blend together. This creates problems for both parties. Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, can learn to become unnaturally dependant on humans and can cause extensive damage to peoples' homes and land. This large member of the squirrel family can grow up to two feet long and weigh over 10lbs. Homebodies by nature, groundhogs usually travel no more than 150ft from their burrows. If they decide to make their dens too close or are causing problems, make sure to call the best of the best. Critter Control of Kaw Valley has expert technicians that have the know-how to humanely remove the groundhogs from the premises. Call our office today!


The Problems with Groundhogs

The burrows that groundhogs expertly dig can be very extensive. If one happens to burrow beneath homes, garages, or barns, and left to grow long enough, it can create foundation damage. Groundhogs are definitely not picky. They will eat almost all plant material but especially love tomatoes. If left to their own accord, groundhogs will wreak havoc on crops, gardens, and homes.

  • Groundhogs can eat and destroy large amounts of crops.
  • They are known to dig burrows nears homes, roads, and walls, destroying foundations.

Groundhog Removal

When it comes to removing groundhogs, it's not a simple procedure. Their dens are usually very well hidden and cover a large area. Once the dens are abandoned, the problems don't always disappear with the groundhogs. A trained technician will take the proper procedures to make sure the burrows won't collapse. Critter Control of Kaw Valley will make sure to completely take care of any and all groundhog problems. Contact our office today!

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