Pack rats, also known as woodrats, are aptly named because of their unique behavior of stealing things, especially when the item is shiny. Like many rodents, pack rats hold a predominantly vegetarian diet. Pack rat damage is also similar to fellow rodents' damage. If you are dealing with pack rat damage and require pack rat trapping, give us a call today! You can also reach us through our contact form here.

Pack Rat Removal Near You

There are several species of pack rats that live throughout North America, and although they are commonly mistaken for Norway rats, pack rat tails are hairy and they have large ears. Woodrats can get into any area which they believe has sufficient resources for nest building, including homes and vehicles. Some common pack rat problems include:

  • Hazardous illnesses
  • Ripping of mattresses or other soft items for nesting material
  • Their "middens", or nests, contain items like branches and other debris and are held together by feces and urine, creating quite an unfortunate cleanup situation

Pack Rat Trapping and Removal

Just like the majority of wildlife, wood rats carry diseases and are wild animals, pack rats should not be handled by untrained individuals. If there is a woodrat infestation, please call the pack rat removal professionals at Critter Control of Kaw Valley to assist with the problem. Our technicians have the skill and necessary tools to trap the rodents safely and humanely.

We can help you get rid of pack rats in your Kaw Valley area house! Call today or visit our contact form.

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Pack Rats
Animals or rodents in the attic or kitchen? Rodent droppings in your home? Those scurrying and scampering critter sounds in the attic may well be pack rats. Call your local Critter Control office today for effective pack rat removal and exclusion services.
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